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Mauro Buttafava

Mauro Buttafava began his work in 1993 as a composer and

musician. The production of original music for the theater and

the freedom this world gives to experiment different artistic

languages has lead him to becoming a point of reference in the

music creativity and innovation sector. Over the years he

worked with a variety of artists and has been involved in over

seventy theatrical productions including: Pippo Delbono,

Casa degli Alfieri, CTB, Quelli di Grock, Teatro Città Murata,

Teatro del Buratto, CRT, Liberamente, Teatro del Sole,

and many others.

He has collaborated with numerous directors and authors such

as Bruno Stori, Mauro Maggioni, Claudio Morganti, Gianluigi Gherzi, Luciano Nattino, Renato Gabrielli. He has participated in the production of award-winning theatrical performances: ETI - Stregagatto in 1996, ETI - Scenario in 1996/97, Special Prize UBU in 1997. His love for theater also stems from the desire to share experiences with others in a complete context to conceive music in close connection with a narrative, emotional and value content. For this reason, he participates in the foundation of companies such as the company Alma Rosé of which he takes care of the musical part and of Artemista of which he is the author and director of all theater and music productions. His work for the theater is joined by a record production that includes four albums in his name and four collections by various authors. For the cinema he realizes several soundtracks participating in various international festivals including Venice, Turin, Locarno, Aubagne and Cannes (winner of the Ecrains Prize - Juniores 2008). His constant search to establish a union between music and theater has not only lead to a reciprocal growth and harmonization of the two languages, but at the same time has brought him to a transversal vision as a result of a constant search to explore new paths and possibilities. At the same time, he has dedicated himself to training as a theater and music teacher for students, teachers and professionals. Over the years, being faced with political and economic changes, with the backing of Artemista, he has decided to dedicate himself to constructing an independent reality in line with the ethics of sustainable economic management without losing sight of his target of respecting the environment and of sharing his multidisciplinary artistic vocation with other people and associations. Today, through the Artemista Cultural Center, he is in the production and realization on projects with a unified vision of the languages ​​of music, theater, dance and visual arts.

Marta Sacchi

Marta Sacchi was born in Stradella in 1979 as a clarinetist and composer, active in the theatrical and concert circles. Teacher of music, since childhood she is passionate about music and, at the age of seven she starts playing the keyboard by herself. Her interest also expanded in wind instruments and at the age of thirteen she began her studies in clarinet at the  Conservatorio G. Nicolini di Piacenza, graduating in the academic year 2001/2002. She attends composition seminars with Carlo Landini and jazz workshops with Giuseppe Parmigiani and Gianni Azzali, she continues with advanced studies of improvement of the instrument with Michael Richards and Paolo Beltramini.

Her classical path begins in 1999 playing with various orchestras: she is first clarinet at: Symphony Orchestra Muswell Hill, Symphony Orchestra St Mary-le-bow Londra, Orchestra di fiati di Soncino, Orchestra del Conservatorio G. Nicolini di Piacenza, Orchestra Camerata de Bardi di Pavia;

she is second clarinet at the Orchestra Sinfonica Accademica di Milano.

She plays in various groups, ranging across numerous musical genres: classical "Quintetto - Duo Bacco", indie rock group "Diatonic Orchestra", folk group "Pancarana". The interest in deepening and joining other languages ​​undertook a new path of music for the theater, creating incidental music for five theatrical productions in addition to the recent compositions created together with Mauro Buttafava with Artemista and Alma Rosè.

From 2014 she participates in the Collettivo Metamorfosi directed by Alberto Mandarini which combines conduction with jazz improvisation in a special ensemble of 20 elements. Since 2015 she has been collaborating with trumpeter Guido Mazzon on various formations of written and improvised music, including the duo Neu Musik Duett.

Since 2013 she is part of the Artemista cultural association with which she realizes various musical projects such as the live Artemista Duo and Artemista Ensemble and the album Nuovo Stupore”.

Nowadays she teaches clarinet and saxophone at various music schools in Italy and abroad, as well as developing a teaching and pedagogical activity through courses in musical propaedeutic and music therapy.


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