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Artemista Duo

Mauro Buttafava guitarist and percussionist,

and Marta Sacchi, clarinetist and saxophonist,

both authors of original music, have found an

inventive harmony in the creative contest of

the Artemista association, even sharing a

common musical sensitivity, based on listening

and impromptu sound narration. Indeed,

starting from the composition of music for

theater, the duo has found its own sensitive

dimension, made of unspoken stories which

begin from delicate acoustic atmospheres and

open to hypnotic sound masses composed of

textures of loops that are built live, permeated

by timbre and rhythmic assets.

The resulting music combines world and popular flavors with jazz, electronic and contemporary incursions.

Inforniamo 01.jpg
Estasi - Artemista Duo

Suonando con Te


Mauro Buttafava (guitars, percussion and loops

station) and Marta Sacchi (clarinets, sax, flutes

and voice) turn their concert in duo into a

collective experience with the public.

The musicians, sitting in the middle of a carpet,

propose their own musical compositions that

space between different tastes and musical

genres, encouraging the public to participate

using the numerous musical instruments that

could be found on the carpet (percussion,

marimbe, guitars and others string instruments)

and their own voices. Musical incitements of the

duo become increasingly rare, gradually leaving

the public to explore their spirit of initiative.

At this point the game reverses and it’s the public which offers musical cues to be used together with the duo. The concert thus turns towards a collective musical creation that is different every time, which makes the present protagonists, bringing them closer to listening through active participation, which brings to life the emotions of music received and expressed. The experience of theater and musical training has provided the two musicians with the appropriate tools in order to conduct the game, creating favorable conditions for participating with the whole audience beyond musical skills, and space for those who wish to communicate.

The result is therefore situated between the aesthetic experience and the encounter, in a special liberating rite.



Artemista Quartet

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Four souls and four musical cultures mixed in

a creative melting-pot of sounds, rhythm and

innovation. Their journey of musicality spreads

over four different continents: Europe, Africa,

Asia, America. Each musician comes with a

baggage of culture and life exerience that can

only enrich this shared creative encounter.

On stage they alternate and intertwine:

the percussions and Cameroonian songs by

Stephane Ngono with the horns, the piano

and the voice on the border between classical and jazz by Marta Sacchi, the deejay sets and the Sri Lankan rhythms of Udesh Chaturanga Bandara with the guitars, loops and soundtrack settings by Mauro Buttafava.

Alongside music, short autobiographical stories rise and enrich the sounds with value, with real stories of integration and a new multicultural identity of everyone, where we all have experiences to tell both in bringing and in accepting cultural varieties of our community.

Alolo - Udesh Chaturanga Bandara, Mauro Buttafava, Stefan Ngono, Marta Sacchi

Artemista Ensemble

Mauro Buttafava has been making music for

the theatre and cinema for over twenty years

with a group of musicians who currently

collaborate with the Artemista association.

The group is made up of a variety of musicians

from different musical and cultural

backgrounds. The trumpeter Marco Fior, the

bassist Daniele Cortese and the drummer

Massimo Pintori come from the world of Jazz,

while Marta Sacchi on who plays the clarinet

and Lucia Colonna on the viola come from the world of classical music; Gianmaria Stelzer with his cello moves towards an approach closer to popular music, the young Alessandro Bono, between piano and electric bass, combines classical with experimental contemporary rock, Renata Mezenov Sa who brings the Cuban tradition of singing and classical guitar and unites it to the Russian one, Ablo Kader Traoré from Burkina Faso with his voice, his balafon, guanì and percussion, he shares the colours of Africa with us, Udesh Chaturanga Bandara moves us between East and West with his percussions of Sri Lanka and his electronics incursions and scratch; Manuel Ferreira, actor of the company Alma Rosé, intervenes and tells, combining moments of theater with musical narration. The concerts collect the most colorful repertoire of Mauro Buttafava, from the rich compositions of "Azul" and "Per mondi segreti" to the most recent and multi-ethnic elaborations of "Cittadini in transito" and "Turisti non per caso", up to the most intimate materials of popular taste of "Concerto del mondo antico" and "Tempo di giochi". The twelve-element ensemble also performs in smaller formations: septet, quintet and trio.

Del mondo antico - Artemista Ensemble
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