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Music for Theater, Dance, Cinema and Media



The activity of composition and integration of music with movement, image and word are the basis of Artemista's activity. Mauro Buttafava has been particularly active on this front since 1993 as an author experimenting with different artistic realities on the national scene new languages, contaminations between work techniques, and dedicated inventions for each project.

Artemista today includes a group of excellent musicians who have been working together for several years and covering a wide range of musical skills and instrumental possibilities that spans all genres of present and past music. With this work group, combined with the technical and production skills of the Artemista Recording Studio’s sound engineers and the production possibilities offered by the spaces and instruments dedicated to audio recording, audio-video mixing and editing, as well as rehearsal rooms for interactions between theater, dance and music, Artemista is planning to open a way of privileged relationship with the realities that are looking for an artistic and productive subject whereby create stage music, soundtracks, live projects, sound sets, or any idea of ​​creative collaboration you would like to develop.



Alma Rosé



Fabricas                                                     Lucis in fundo                                          Cittadini in transito



Lucis in Fundo

Turisti non per caso

Cittadini in Transito

C'era un orchestra ad Auschwitz

Concerto tra glio orti

Alma Rosè

Elisabetta e Limone



Diari                                                             Alice                                                         L'abbraccio di Barbara

by Attilio Azzola (2008)                                                  by Stefano Anselmi  (2008)                                            by  Annamaria Gallone (2005)

di Attilio Azzola (2008)

di Stefano Anselmi (2008)

Abbraccio di Barbara
di Annamaria Gallone (2005)

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