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Recording Studio

From the collaboration between the musical component of Artemista’s association, William Geroli and Marco Sambinello,  born Artemista Studio.

Artemista Studio aims to make more free, complete on a quality level and economically light the moment of the musical production. Conceived in particular for residential registration of more days, conciliate the necessities of an strong work in the studio with the open dimension of the farmstead y the nature all around, for retake breath, together with the hostel’s hospitality.

The studio’s peculiarity is to use, more than traditional acoustics used, excellent natural acoustics proceeded from the more ancient rooms of the farmstead. The soundproofing’s and the acoustic interventions realized in collaboration with the expert Eraldo Bocca. One of the most important constructor of Italy’s studios (Officine Meccaniche, Massive Arts Studios, Nautilus…), take advantage of the constructive characteristics of large rooms, with an history of about more than one thousand years, already naturally equipped of excellent acoustics, intervene on the acoustic soundproofing in a nearly invisible manner, in a conservative restoration perspective.

The large rooms (125 mq, - 96 mq.) and the use of the acoustic divisions permits the simultaneous registration of large ensamble, like big band, orchestras, choirs, or jazz’s groups, to permits the interplay among the musicians that are improvise, or simply for all the compositions that aim to a compact and dynamic sound nearly to the live impact.

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